Caron Goldman is a British jewellery and accessories designer based in London, UK.

After completing a BA(HONS) in fashion design womenswear at the University of East London, Caron gained a diverse range of skills and experiences from working with designers Daniel Blake and Lesley DeFrietas and Styling at The Daily Express. Caron also worked with renowned London jewellery designers Tatty Devine and Patricia Nicolas, she assisted in creating collections for Harrods and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Beading has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember, from a young age Caron was captivated by beads.

Caron specialises in traditional bead weaving and mixes these with contemporary techniques to create her bold colourful pieces.

My work is wearable art and thanks to my fashion background and love for sculpture and installation I am inspired to create these contemporary pieces.
Such vast choices of beads allow for endless design possibilities.

Caron Goldman

Caron currently divides her time between teaching fashion & textiles and working on her limited edition collections and commissions for clients.